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This will make Aussies care about climate change

This will make Aussies care about climate change

Climate change not only causes more severe droughts but it also has serious prolonged effects on one much-loved everyday Aussie item: Beer.

“If you drink beer, climate change is already impacting you. In addition to hops shortages caused by more frequent and severe droughts, climate change is also reducing the quality of key crops used in the manufacturing of beer, including barley,” Climate Council professor Lesley Hughes said.

“Drought Draught gives beer drinkers a chance to taste what the future looks like if we don’t effectively tackle climate change.”

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“With rising temperatures, increasing droughts and crop losses, it could be last drinks for beer lovers if we don’t take action to stop the damage being done to our climate,” she said.

To help raise awareness about the impacts climate change could have on their product, Young Henrys have developed a beer which shows the potential effect climate change has on taste.

Tastings of the beer will be made available to the public on Saturday the 19th of March at the Young Henrys Newtown Brewery and the cost of each Young Henrys beer sold with a taster of Drought Draught will be donated to the Climate Council.



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