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This resumé promises to land you a six-figure job

This resumé promises to land you a six-figure job. Source: Getty

Writing the perfect resumé is difficult, but UK-based recruitment expert Rita Chowdhry has made it simple.

Chowdhry, whose career consultancy firm Savran coaches billionaires and large organisations, has spent five years developing what she calls the "world’s best CV". 

The single-sided document combines the best aspects of 1,510 professional resumés, and promises to land you a six-figure job with its use of “cold, hard facts and figures”.

Here’s the world’s best CV:

The world's best CV. Source: Rita Chowdhry

And here’s an example of a poor CV:

A poor example of a CV. Source: Rita Chowdhry

So what makes a great CV?

Chowdhry says including facts that can lead to unconscious bias from your recruiter should be omitted, which includes photos, age, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. 

The aim, Chowdhry said, is to make your CV “personality proof”.

Keeping it short and simple is also key: “It should only be one page in length, or a maximum of two if you are in a senior position." 

Applicants should also use clear headings and bullet points, in Arial or Times New Roman and using font size 11 or 12. 

You should also refrain from using phrases like “I’m outgoing” or “I’m dedicated”, and instead use facts and figures to prove your career achievements. 

Here’s what else she suggests:

  • Detail your work history in chronological order;

  • Make sure to display an awareness of the company’s values in at least one of your career achievements;

  • Mention at least one thing that shows that you are motivated, and also shows that you inspire and motivate others; and

  • Mention two activities that demonstrate your personal values, such as training to run a marathon or doing voluntary work in the community.

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