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Are you offended by this emoji?

Australians think this emoji is offensive. Image: Getty

Australia’s most offensive emoji has been revealed, and if you thought it was the eggplant, then you thought wrong.

According to Tech Toppers’ Emoji Report, Australians consider the pile of poo emoji💩the most offensive, followed by the face with the symbols on the mouth 🤬and then the eggplant 🍆.

On the other end of the spectrum, Australia’s favourite and most-used emoji is the laughing face with tears of joy 😂.

And when it comes to our favourite food or drink emoji, the beer🍻and champagne glasses🥂are clear favourites.

More than 40 per cent of Australians send emojis with most texts and emails, with 10 per cent actually sending emojis to their boss.

Most Australians (57 per cent) use emojis to express emotions, appear more friendly (49 per cent) or to make a difficult message easier to take.

But, emojis are also used to flirt, adds dating service SeekingArrangement.

According to its 20 million members, these are the emojis they use the most to flirt:

  1. 😘

  2. 😂

  3. ️😍

  4. 😏

  5. ❤️

  6. 😎

  7. 😈

  8. 👌

  9. 💕

  10. 🍆

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