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This idyllic island is down to its last 469 residents - and wants Aussies to move there

Up by the lighthouse on Arranmore Island, the 150 foot cliffs dominate the skyline with sea birds and rolling waves. Source: Getty

Off the west coast of Northern Ireland sits the quaint island of Arranmore - and it’s in dire straits.

With its population declining since the 19th century, the little island is down to its last 469 residents, according to CNN.

But, determined to keep their community alive, islanders have turned to Americans and Aussies for help.

Arranmore Island, Ireland in 2004. Arranmore residents. Source: Getty

They’ve penned an open letter to Australia and the US, asking people to consider moving to the island.

“We’re the most connected island in the world,” Arranmore resident, Adrian Begley, told CNN.

Arranmore Island, Ireland in 2004. Source: Getty

“So we wanted to send a letter to the rest of the world to say we’re here, we’re open for business.”

The letters say traditional industries like fishing and farming aren’t cutting it to keep young people on the island, and it’s been a challenge for people to work there.

But, boasting a number of multi-talented people, Arranmore offers newcomers collaborations with their graphic designers, game and app developers and photographers.

If you’re not on the hunt for a collab, Arranmore can also offer a change of pace.

“Your commute, no matter where you are, will only ever be five minutes,” the letter says.

Arranmore Island, Ireland in 2004. Source: Getty

And, while not famous for its sunny skies and warm weather, Begley told CNN it’s a beautiful place to be, and the community is second to none.

Aussies in particular were asked “to trade brown snakes and Great Whites for acres of open (and safe!) space”.

If you’ve ever been to Bondi on a summer’s day, this might resonate with you: “Fed up of overpacked beaches? On Arranmore you'll have secluded beaches all to yourself."

Arranmore promises to give you Guinness on tap to blow any Aussie pub out of the water, and there’s “enough musicians and good Irish whiskey to keep the party going well into the night”.

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