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Revealed: The top 10 jobs of the future

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Sydney Town Hall in the background,Sydney,New South Wales, Australia.
Which job of the future do you think you could do? Image: Getty

As 3.3 million Australians rethink their career path, there are some sectors that offer more possibilities than others, a new report has revealed.

“Pandemics have a history of spawning cultural and labour transformation. Just as the Spanish Flu and Black Plague shifted ways of working, Covid-19 will lead to an even closer relationship with technology, with the rise of machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics,” said futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson.

“Not only are there thriving new industries to take advantage of, but Aussies can transfer their current skills, learn new ways of working and adapt to the current climate.”

The ING Future Focus Report co-authored by ING and Sörman-Nilsson detailed the top 10 jobs of increasing demand.

1. Medical Tele-Storyteller

The pandemic has seen a spike in telemedicine delivery and that means that there will be a greater need for medical workers who are digital literate, and who can convey data in story and through humane “webside manners”.

2. Financial Coach

If there’s one thing Australians have learnt in recent months, it’s the importance of a solid financial strategy.

“This will lead to a new generation of financial coaches who teach financial literacy and provide scalable advice,” the report’s authors wrote.

3. Black Swan Risk Manager

Covid-19 has been described by some as a black swan event: a cataclysmic occurrence that at the time couldn’t be predicted, with its shock level equal to the damage done.

That means organisations will be looking for people whose job is to forecast and protect against these events.

4. Agricultural Technologist

“The field of AgTech was already booming pre-Covid-19 and as we consider food miles and going ‘beyond meat’, digital technologies are shaping every part of the food chain.”

5. Sustainability Consultant

Coronavirus has shown how the world can adapt to a massive threat. But another one has loomed for even longer: climate change.

“[This] requires both in-house and independent sustainability consultants to help shape strategic investments.”

6. Industrial Robotics Engineer

The age of AI disruption is well and truly here, and that means that people who can design and manage artificial resources will be in hot demand.

7. Executive Creativity Coach

“In the Second Renaissance, creativity will have a premium placed on it, and just as executive coaches have focused on boosting leaders’ EQ (emotional quotient), they will now be helping boost their CQ (creative quotient).”

8. Cyber Security Defender

All of these jobs point to a major trend: the AI revolution. As we adapt new tech at home and the Internet of Things grows, we’ll need people who can identify and plug corporate security gaps.

9. Digital Literacy Coach

We will also need people to help the billions of people now forced to work and socialise online.

“There will be an increased need for coaches and course designers who can mentor people through this migration,” the researchers said.

10. Nurse

Nurses, essential workers now, will remain essential well into the future.

“This profession is both timeless and timely and will increasingly attract male workers for greater gender balance as the profession has drawn great admiration for being on the front-lines during the crisis.”

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