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The jobs with the worst bosses

The retail industry has the most hated bosses, new research has revealed.

Bad boss and worker.
The jobs with the most hated bosses have been revealed. (Source: Getty)

Think you have a bad boss? Well you might work in one of these industries, with new research revealing the jobs that have the most hated bosses.

A UK study by SEO services company Reboot asked 3,445 workers across 29 industries whether they liked their boss and, if not, the main reasons why.

The research found that workers in the retail industry had the worst bosses, with 51 per cent of employees disliking their managers.


The healthcare sector came in second place, with 48 per cent of workers admitting they didn’t like their bosses, followed by the sales sector, with 47 per cent of employees.

So, why don’t people like their bosses? The most common reason was they were being underpaid (66 per cent), followed by feeling micromanaged (46 per cent) and a lack of communication (43 per cent). Other reasons included bosses being ungrateful, bullying them and being “generally annoying”.

On the other end of the spectrum, bosses in the creative arts and design industry were the least hated, with only 10 per cent of employees expressing a dislike for their managers.

This was followed by bosses in charity and voluntary work (11 per cent), information technology (12 per cent), science and pharmaceutical (14 per cent), and media and internet (15 per cent).

Top 12 industries with the most hated bosses

These were the jobs with the worst bosses:

  1. Retail - 51 per cent

  2. Health care - 48 per cent

  3. Sales - 47 per cent

  4. Property and construction 45 per cent

  5. Energy and utilities - 42 per cent

  6. Public services and administration - 42 per cent

  7. Law enforcement and security - 38 per cent

  8. Teaching and education - 36 per cent

  9. Call centre and customer service - 35 per cent

  10. Hospitality and events management - 34 per cent

  11. Legal - 34 per cent

  12. Recruitment and HR - 34 per cent

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