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The four most expensive smartphones money can buy

The most expensive smartphones in the world. Source: Luxury Volt, TechnoBezz, March Allen

It’s your connection, your calendar and your cameraman in one.

$1299 will get you your standard iPhone X, while for $1499 a Samsung Galaxy s10 could be yours, or with a spare $1199 you could buy a Google Pixel these days.

But for those with a little more cash to splash, black alligator leather cases or silk and ceramic backings are on offer.

Not your thing?

What about a white gold rim? Or a diamond encrusted exterior?

Whatever your vice may be, you could have any of these four smartphones for upwards of $100,000.

Savelli Jarden Secret

Cost: $14,500-$171,000

The Savelli Jarden Secret. Source: Luxury Volt

Source: Design Limited Edition

For the bargain price of US$10,000-$120,000 (A$14,500-$171,000), you could be the proud owner of a Savelli Jarden Secret.

Designed by Swiss jewellery brand, Savelli, the phone is one of 12 luxury, hand-crafted Android phones in the series, and each user gets exclusive access to sounds created by professional DJs.

The ‘White Ice’ model, pictured above, features 18-carat rose gold and white alligator skin. It boasts a whopping 395 white and cognac diamonds, as well as ceramic and satin.

iPhone Princess Plus

Cost: $176,400

The iPhone Princess Plus. Source: TechnoBezz

Source: TechnoBezz

In the words of Ben from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, “ladies, frost yourself”.

The iPhone Princess Plus was designed by Austrian designer, Peter Aloisson, and takes the title of the world’s most expensive iPhone.

It’s studded with 318 diamonds, totalling 17.75 carats, and is gleaming with 18 carats of gold on the rim.

Who bought it, you ask?

None other than a Russian businessman, who wanted it so much he locked it in on pre-order three months before it was delivered to him.

Black Diamond ViPN Smartphone

Cost: $428,922

The Black Diamond ViPN Smartphone. Source: TechnoBezz

Source: TechnoBezz

For US$300,000 (A$428,922), you could by a Lamborghini Murcielago, a small apartment or a ViPN Black Diamond Windows Mobile Smartphone. The choice is yours.

The diamond is actually removable, so when you no longer want the phone, you can whip it out and make a necklace, because, why not?

Pocketnow reports that a member of the ViPN team actually attributed the price tag to the diamond, not the actual phone, which makes a little more sense.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Cost: $1.85 million

The Diamond Crytpo Smartphone. Source: March Allen

Source: TechnoBezz

You might want to sit down for this.

The world’s most expensive phone, the Diamond Crypto Smartphone, retails for a whopping US$1.3 million (A$1.85 million).

Featuring 50 diamonds, 10 of which are blue, this phone is manufactured by Moscow-based JSC Ansort, and is also designed by Peter Aloissan.

Price tag aside, the phone is famous for its insane encryption technology, and is (obviously) targeted to very private Russian VIPs.

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