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The exact age people are most motivated

33 is when you are most motivated, study finds. Source: Getty

If you’re struggling to find motivation, and you’re under 33 years of age, you have time yet – or if you’re older, the ship has sailed.

According to a new poll by Bupa Health Clinics in UK, people are most driven and determined to achieve their goals at the age of 33.

The poll of 2,000 UK adults found that while over half said finding motivation was “a battle”, determination to succeed and achieve your goals is at an all-time high during your early to mid 30s.

Why? According to the report, 33 years is when you have the most confidence, higher energy levels and a more positive outlook.

The report also revealed the top 20 life goals, which were:

1. To save money

2. To eat more healthily

3. To get fit/do more exercise

4. To relax more

5. To drink more water

6. To read more

7. To go on holiday to somewhere you've always wanted to go

8. To go travelling

9. To be kinder to yourself

10. To pay off debt/get back on track financially

11. To carry out a particular DIY task/project

12. To spend more time with children or family

13. To drink less/no alcohol

14. To eat less/no meat

15. To practice mindfulness

16. To move/buy a house

17. To study/do a course

18. To learn a new language

19. To stop smoking

20. To cycle/walk to work

“Drive plays an important role in achieving our goals no matter what they are,” Dr Nuveen Puri from Bupa Health Clinics said.

“Having support can make all the difference and can help keep you on track when facing obstacles along the way.”

Puri also said setting smaller, more realistic goals will make you more likely to achieve them.

“When setting goals, I would advise making these realistic to your ability,” Puri said.

"For example, if you’ve never run before, why not aim to do a 5km race within three months rather than wanting to run a marathon in a year.

"Once you’ve achieved this, you’ll have a sense of achievement which will give you more motivation for future goals.”

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