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Texans, Rice University announce new course offering: How to run an NFL franchise

Shalise Manza Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor

Some jokes are too easy or maybe just a little cruel, and aren’t worth going for.

This is not one of those times.

Texans, Rice U. partner for course on running an NFL franchise

On Wednesday, the Houston Texans and Rice University announced that they’re partnering to offer a new course to students in the college’s sports management program: “Pro Sports: Management,” designed to teach the business of running a National Football League franchise.

The Houston Texans and Rice University will offer a course on running an NFL franchise. (Getty Images)

Yes, the same Houston Texans who currently are operating their front office as general manager-by-committee, who just a few days ago gave away their next two first-round draft picks for a left tackle who hasn’t yet made a Pro Bowl; and paid almost half of Jadeveon Clowney’s salary to ship the Pro Bowl pass-rusher to Seattle; and who last year were hit with a class-action lawsuit from team cheerleaders alleging verbal harassment and physical assault; and who have not yet advanced to a conference championship game in their first 17 years of existence; are going to teach young men and women how to run an NFL franchise.

(Feel free to chuckle. We have been.)

Class will be held in Texans’ offices

According to a news release on the partnership, the weekly class will be held inside the Texans’ executive offices and “include sessions on ticketing, public relations, event management, human resources and more. Students will be required to develop and deliver weekly presentations on these and other relevant topics. Toward the end of the semester, students will work at a Texans home game alongside administrative staff.”

The class will be taught by Diane Crossey, who has been a professor in the practice at Rice for several years. Before joining the faculty at Rice, Crossey was senior director of event operations and guest services for the Texans, working for the team for 14 years.

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