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Telstra customer in $28,000 bill shock

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A Telstra customer has been slapped with a massive $28,000 phone bill despite having informed the telco that he had lost his phone.

According to media reports, Rayden Crawley was in Barcelona when he lost his phone and frantically contacted Telstra to cut his account.

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However, the cancellation was reportedly delayed and Crawley had $28,000 pulled  from his credit card.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Crawley finally got his money back from Telstra on Wednesday but not before months of running around and finally recounting his experience to radio station 3AW.

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According to the 3AW website, Crawley was told his case would be sent to the 'forensic department' and that he'd need to fax his police report and statutory declaration for the money to be reimbursed.

Two weeks later though, $27,853 had been charged to his American Express card. 

He later found out that Telstra didn't cut his number until 36 hours after he filed the complaint.

The telco has now apologised to Crawley and told Fairfax Media that all of the money would be refunded.

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