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TCS World Travel Uncovers Top Vacation Desires for High-Net-Worth Households in 2017

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TCS World Travel, the leading private jet tour operator celebrated for offering travelers access to some of the world’s most captivating destinations and enriching activities for 25 years, reveals what high-net-worth households desire in travel for 2017.

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Travelers with a median net worth between $5 and $10 million have the resources to enjoy a wide variety of experiences; however, TCS World Travel has identified certain drivers that lead the decision making process. Those with a high disposable income seek similar experiences as the average traveler but also take interest in several differentiators.

Travel efficiencies such as planned itineraries and assistance with visas; exclusive access to undiscovered or “last chance” destinations; unique motivators like “country-” and “experience-collecting,” philanthropic extensions and one-of-a-kind adventures; and standout amenities, including a traveling physician, private chef and dedicated baggage handler, can influence where the high-net-worth consumers go, how long they travel, what they do while abroad and how they do it.

“Our niche consumer group has come to rely on us for suggestions on what’s new and what’s next, and trips that present the most enticing and unique experiences available to deliver lasting memories,” said TCS World Travel President Shelley Cline. “We’ve been serving those needs for a quarter century, which has afforded us the opportunity to gain a strong understanding of what the high-net-worth consumer wants when deciding where to go next and what sets a journey apart from others. We are delighted to share those findings with the world.”

Here is what travelers with high disposable income enjoy and desire in their vacations:

Ease of Travel
Time is prized. With wealthy travelers seeking to maximize time spent on their expeditions, the ease and comfort of having a planned and comprehensive itinerary, and all travel paperwork and visas pre-arranged prior to arrival have become a coveted commodity.

New Destinations and One-of-a-Kind Experiences
High on the list for wealthy travelers is the opportunity to explore and do things others have not. They are innovators and are willing to test new concepts.

The top five international sub-regions TCS World Travel finds to be of most interest for travel in 2017 include South America, Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean and the New Zealand/Australian area. TCS World Travel’s top five emerging destinations for 2017 are Cuba, Iran, Iceland, Antarctica and Mongolia.

Unique Motivators
Catch Them While You Can
The changing climate, too much tourism, erosion and endangered habitats, among others, are all cause for concern for at-risk travel destinations. Wealthy travelers seek out these “last chance” adventures before the opportunity to visit goes away.

“Country-” and “Experience-Collecting”
Name a country or city and many wealthy travelers will have likely been there at some point; however, not all destinations have been historically open to all foreign visitors. With countries increasingly loosening restrictions on entry requirements, there are new opportunities for exploration in countries and regions that have yet to be added to the travel portfolio.

Giving Something Back
Wealthy travelers are increasingly becoming inspired by their travels and want to give something back, but in a way that provides meaning to those they are helping. Travelers want to see their support making a difference. It’s no longer just about donating money.

Companies like TCS World Travel understand that enrichment and education have become key drivers for rewarding exploration. Many travelers with a robust experience-portfolio of high-net-worth trips have “been there, done that.” This consumer base now seeks opportunities that help them grow.

Standout Amenities
It’s the little things that are really the big things. Standout travel amenities that allow for an easy and anxiety-free trip can make all the difference in whether a traveler books a quick getaway or a 23-day around-the-world adventure. From a traveling private physician or chef aboard the jet, as are available in TCS World Travel’s expeditions, to door-to-door luggage service, guests enjoy the thoughtful 360-degree approach to a trip well curated.

Most Anticipated Trip Types
Bucket list-, milestone-, adventure- and relaxation-focused trips top the list of journey types favored by wealthy travelers. The “experiential currency” delivered through these transcendent journeys of a lifetime, such as those delivered by TCS World Travel, leave guests with lasting memories.

High-net-worth travelers have tried their fair share of top resorts and notable hotels, and while those are still of interest, it’s the historic properties, palaces and specialty accommodation options that appeal to them the most.

“Travelers who have everything money can buy, have done everything. They have traveled everywhere and have stayed at all of the nicest hotels. There are only so many three-star Michelin meals and five-star hotels one can frequent before they’ve had enough. At a certain point there’s a turn in what these explorers and curious minds come to expect from a journey,” said Cline. “At TCS World Travel, we understand that the standout amenities and ease of travel offerings still very much matter and can make or break a trip, but we also know that what matters most are time and the memories you make.”

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