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Sydney man tries to sell housemate for $40

Picture of 'housemate for sale'
Man tries to sell housemate for $40. (Source: Facebook)

A Sydney man has pulled the ultimate prank on his long-time housemate, and put her up for sale on Facebook Marketplace for the bargain price of $40.

A reader of Yahoo Finance was trawling marketplace for a new car when they spotted the ad, titled “selling my housemate”.

“Hello all,” the ad begins. “I’m looking to offload my housemate if the price is right. Can confirm she can make very funny jokes and is always down for a boogie.”

That actually sounds like a good housemate – until you read on. “Beware: she will enter your room without knocking.”

The listing states the condition of the housemate is “used – fair”, and the brand is “Dyson”.

Yahoo Finance spoke to the ad-poster, Samuel Eames, for some more information on why he wants to sell his housemate.

“[She] vacuums and plays trap music at 7am,” he said.

Given many housemates probably don’t vacuum at all, that still sounds pretty good. So, we probed for more, and here’s where it gets interesting: “Also accused us of stealing her money, then realised it was never there in the first place.”

“Just trying to find her a better home,” he said.

Eames confirmed the pair had been “best mates” for six years, and the post was all in jest.

Back in 2018, a British man tried to sell his girlfriend on eBay as a prank, but bids soon toppled US$90,000 (AU$126,160).

The man, Dala Leeks, said he listed his girlfriend, Kelly Greaves, because he “wanted to have a laugh”, but the ad was removed after just 24 hours because the ad violated eBay’s policy of selling human body parts.

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