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Is StockAnalysis the Best Stock Research Website for Investors?

In this article, we will talk about the Best Stock Research Website for Investors. For our detailed discussion, go directly to the 15 Best Websites To Research Stocks.

When it comes to building a strong portfolio, retail investors conduct a great deal of research to learn about the macroeconomic climate, read up on the most recent stock market trends, become familiar with investing strategies, and observe the most notable actions of smart investors and elite hedge funds. A sizable portion of the investing community consists of retail investors, and they have access to a wealth of online information that can assist them in navigating the volatile stock market. According to Gallup’s survey, 162 million Americans, or 62% of adults in the United States, own shares in public companies. That is a 1% rise over 2023 and the highest percentage observed by Gallup since 2008. During the Great Recession, stock ownership declined and remained low for more than a decade, reaching lows of 52% in 2013 and 2016. Before 2008, the majority of Gallup surveys revealed that at least 60% of American adults owned stocks.

Today, the stock market is very different from what existed at the time of the millennium. The internet has democratized information, resulting in increased  stock market involvement, which has been accelerated during the pandemic. Wall Street welcomed retail investors for the first time as a result of the pandemic, even though the global outbreak is primarily remembered for the deadly virus and lockdowns. In a Charles Schwab poll, 15% of American stock market participants stated they started investing in 2020. The study additionally shows that these new investors tended to be more optimistic about their prospects for success in the stock market. A Bloomberg Intelligence study revealed that 19.5% of all stock market shares exchanged in the first half of 2020 were made by individual investors. That is about twice as many trades by ordinary investors as there were in 2010, and it represents an increase of 4.5% over 2019. This occurred during the meme stock mania in 2021, which saw prominent businesses like GameStop Corp. and AMC Entertainment Holdings, skyrocketed on the stock market as retail investors banded together on social media and purchased the shares in bulk. Meme stock mania propelled AMC’s stock from less than $10 per share to an incredible peak of $261 in 2021. It is noteworthy that those who were wise enough to buy AMC stock at the pandemic low and persisted have made a staggering profit on their investment.

Memes stocks soared again recently on May 14, 2024. Among them was Gaming retailer, which had a 340% increase in value in the previous ten trading days. While AMC hit $6.85 on May 14 over the year. This upsurge came after a string of messages on the X platform from an account linked to Keith Gill, the main driver of the previous craze. On the other hand, Marco Iachini, senior vice president at Vanda Research, stated, "We think retail's hand has been significant in pushing Gaming meme stock, AMC, and other meme stocks higher Monday, and so far on Tuesday."


Even with their recent phenomenal increases, Gaming Retailer Meme Stock and other meme stocks may need some time to catch up to the advancements in 2021. That year, GameStop's stock increased by as much as 1,700%, while AMC's increased by 2,850%.

Notwithstanding the attraction of potential profits, new research from eToro indicates that many retail investors in the United States appear to be more afraid of losing money than they are of missing out on the next great opportunity. Rethinking Risk, research by eToro, finds that while 31% of US retail investors are driven by the fear of missing out on the next great thing, 61% of investors indicate that their investment strategy is shaped by the fear of losing money through immoderate risk. Their behaviors, however, reveal a different tale, as many retail investors continue to invest in risky assets, with 70% holding single stocks and 41% holding crypto assets in their portfolios. Additionally, this research shows that 62% of people who began investing in the markets now feel better about it.

Amidst these developments, the demand for easily available, reliable information to aid retail investors in their decision-making is rising. According to a survey conducted by BNY Mellon and the World Economic Forum on global retail investment, three-quarters of current retail investors said they would trade more actively if they had more opportunities to learn about investing along with personalized, goal-oriented stock guidance. Here's where trustworthy websites for stock research would come in very handy.

So let's look at the Best Stock Research Website for Investors.

Is StockAnalysis the Best Stock Research Website for Investors?
Is StockAnalysis the Best Stock Research Website for Investors?

A successful investor looking at the stock market performance on a digital device.


We selected the most popular finance websites that have been shown over time to be trustworthy for stock research and information accuracy. We also discussed the most recent news and trending stocks on each website.

Why are we interested in the stocks that hedge funds pile into? The reason is simple: our research has shown that we can outperform the market by imitating the top stock picks of the best hedge funds. Our quarterly newsletter's strategy selects 14 small-cap and large-cap stocks every quarter and has returned 275% since May 2014, beating its benchmark by 150 percentage points. (see more details here)

Stock Analysis 

Stock Analysis is a stock research website specifically designed for regular investors. It offers thorough and precise financial data, including financials, statistics, ratios, dividends, and business biographies, for over 5,600 US equities and 3,360 ETFs. In addition, it offers financial predictions, price goals, analyst ratings, sophisticated charting tools, an efficient stock screener with 221 criteria, and a free daily newsletter called "Market Bullets" to keep users informed about developments in the financial markets.

It features an improved pro edition that is subscription-based and includes investing ideas from leading Wall Street experts, unlimited use of all tools and data, sophisticated options for sorting and filtering analysts, and thirty years or more of financial history.

Summit Materials, Inc. (NYSE:SUM) is one of the top stocks, according to Stock Analysis. Summit Materials stock has 11 analysts with 12-month price projections, with an average goal of 47.18, a low of 38, and a high of 53. The average goal indicates a 25.35% rise from the June 12 current stock price of $37.64. Out of 12 stock analysts, the average analyst rating for SUM stock is "Buy". This indicates that experts think there's a good chance this stock will beat the market in the upcoming year. The revenue growth rate YoY (2022–2023) for Summit Materials, Inc. was 8.58%.

According to Insider Monkey’s Q1 FY2024 data, 26 hedge funds were long on Summit Materials, Inc. (NYSE:SUM) at the end of the quarter, which increased from 23 funds in the prior quarter. Israel Englander's Millennium Management is the largest stakeholder of the company, with 2.35 million shares worth $104.95 million.

Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund stated the following regarding Summit Materials, Inc. (NYSE:SUM) in its fourth quarter 2023 investor letter:

“Summit Materials, Inc. (NYSE:SUM) is a vertically integrated construction materials company supplying aggregates, cement, ready-mix concrete and asphalt in the United States and British Columbia. The company’s stock performed well due to continued strong pricing and margin trends. Investors have also had time to digest a notable acquisition that was announced in the prior quarter, analyzing the value it could create for shareholders over time. Summit is well positioned to benefit from accelerating levels of infrastructure spending, and the recent move in interest rates could provide an additional boost for its more traditional construction markets going into 2024.”

Stock Analysis ranks 12th on our list, but if you want to check out what other websites are and where they rank, visit the 15 Best Websites To Research Stocks. If you are looking for an AI stock that is more promising than SUM but that trades at less than 5 times its earnings, check out our report about the cheapest AI stock.

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