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A stay-at-home parent could earn $500,000 salary if they were paid

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The different tasks that a stay-at-home parent take on would be worth more than a $500,000 salary if performed in the professional world, new research has found.

UK gift retailer Funky Pigeon crunched the numbers of professional salaries around the world then translated them into what a stay-at-home parent would earn for doing the same tasks.

The analysis found in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, this would add up to a salary of more than half-a-million dollars.

The other state capitals were not far behind, all pushing into the high $400,000s:

  1. Sydney $534,470.40

  2. Perth $517,804.80

  3. Melbourne $503,328.00

  4. Adelaide $492,518.40

  5. Canberra $485,875.20

  6. Brisbane $484,953.60

  7. Hobart $471,110.40

The data crunch broke down stay-at-home parent responsibilities into eight jobs: cooking, cleaning, transporting, caring, nursing, organising, educating and emotional support.

The amounts vary by location because of different pay rates for the eight jobs.

If you're curious about the worth of your own unpaid contribution to your family, Funky Pigeon has published a calculator for any Australian to find out.

You can input the number of hours spent per week on each of the eight jobs, plus their location, to show how much that unpaid labour is worth in the workforce.

This isn't the first attempt at quantifying a stay-at-home parent's worth. Last year, US human resources firm estimated the "medium annual salary" of a mother is US$162,581 (AU$233,791).

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