Statement by Lanny J. Davis, U.S. co-counsel to Dmytro Firtash, on behalf of Mr. Firtash, regarding his continued assistance to Ukrainian President Zelensky's government and the Ukrainian people:

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WASHINGTON , June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A leading Ukrainian businessman, Dmytro Firtash, continues to take steps to assist the Ukrainian people to oppose Russian aggression, including utilizing his Ukrainian plants and other resources to help his employees and the Ukrainian people. Here is Lanny Davis's statement on behalf of Mr. Firtash:

As Russian troops intensify their attacks on the eastern Ukrainian city of Sjewjerodonezk, around 800 civilians have sought refuge in bunkers under the Azot chemical factory owned by Dmytro Firtash's company, Group DF. These 800 civilians include around 200 out of the plant's 3,000 employees and approximately 600 inhabitants of the city of Sjewjerodonezk. The contingent of 200 workers has remained at the facility to secure and professionally safeguard as best as possible what is left of the plant's highly explosive chemicals.

In addition, reports indicate further targeted destruction of Ukrainian economic infrastructure by Russian troops. The port complex "Nika-Tera," south of Mykolayiv at the mouth of the Bug-Dnieper River to the Black Sea, has come under massive shelling. The Nika-Tera terminal (part of Mr. Firtash's Group DF) includes three specialized cargo areas: a grain complex, a fertilizer complex, and a complex handling other bulk cargo. On Saturday (June 4, 2022), the port terminals suffered from the most massive attacks thus far, rendering the port facilities entirely unusable. Mr. Firtash said:

"Apparently, the Russians are concerned with getting the Black Sea ports either under control or destroying them. By thus cutting off Ukrainian grain exports, they can and will use the hunger of millions of people in much of North Africa as another weapon in this cynical war."

Mr. Firtash said Group DF was working with other major Ukrainian agribusinesses to find alternative export routes, but it was unlikely that current export volumes could be shifted easily and quickly overland.

Mr. Firtash further said last week:

"This war is completely pointless and cannot be justified in any way, it only brings suffering and misery on all sides. This humanitarian tragedy is intolerable."

Background statement by Lanny J. Davis, attorney for Mr. Firtash:

Months ago, Mr. Firtash denounced the wholly unjustified Russian invasion of his mother country, Ukraine, and has worked to assist President Zelensky and his government in financial and other ways however he could. In the last several months, Mr. Firtash worked with President Zelensky's administration and the nation's three other TV station owners to establish a 24/7 TV news network. This network was formed to tell the truth about the Russian inhumane invasion and military attacks on civilians, women, and children. It is broadcast in Kyiv, in Warsaw, Poland, and in Russian on YouTube so that the Russian people can hear the truth.

Mr. Firtash's commitment to a free, strong, and independent Ukraine and his opposition to the Russian invasion is entirely consistent with his position for many years – contradicting the politically motivated false charges made against him that have led to widespread false U.S. and European media reporting based entirely on innuendo and no facts. See, e.g., this op ed in the Kyiv Post as long ago as 2014:  Kyiv Must Be Strong and Independent.

Dan Webb, former U.S. Attorney in Chicago, and Mr. Davis, who once served as a special counsel to President Bill Clinton and a special privacy and civil liberties advisor, along with four other commission members, to President George W. Bush, have repeatedly reminded the U.S. media that the case brought against Mr. Firtash more than 9 years ago by Chicago prosecutors alleging a "scheme" to bribe Indian officials regarding a mine that never happened is utterly factually baseless.

According to Davis: "As we have said, it is hard to understand why so many resources and so much time has been devoted to a case against someone who isn't even accused of paying a bribe – and, in fact, has never been to the U.S. or has any agent or conducts any business in the U.S."

Davis continued: "Mr. Firtash asks only for an opportunity to help Ukraine, and for the U.S. and the EU to help him help Ukraine defeat this brutal, senseless, and inhumane Russian invasion – without asking for any impact on the current prosecution case in the U.S."


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