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SPOTTED: $329 flights from Sydney to Europe

AIRPORT PHUKET, PHUKET, THAILAND – 2018/03/20: Scoot Airbus 320 seen here on final at Phuket airport, Thailand. (Photo by Fabrizio Gandolfo/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Australians dreaming of kicking back in Greece could do it on the cheap if they act quickly, with $329 one-way flights on sale right now.

Yahoo Finance has confirmed $329.01 one-way seats are available for flights out of Sydney and Melbourne going to Athens on budget airline Scoot. The price was seen on a bunch of dates within the next 12 months.

The catch is that with a low-cost airline like Scoot, additional fees apply if check-in luggage or in-flight food is required.

(Image: Yahoo Finance screenshot)

Scoot flights transit via its hub city of Singapore, with potentially a lengthy 22-hour layover for Melbournians. Singapore Airport, fortunately, is one of the more pleasant airports to be stuck in, with attractions like indoor gardens and no-visa city tours available to kill time.

But still, Australians willing to put up with those conditions could book an absolute bargain European holiday. 

In January, the airline sold tickets to Athens for $309 flying out of Perth, but this is the first time Yahoo Finance has spotted such cheap flights taking off from the east coast of Australia.

Normally a return ticket from Australia to Europe can cost from $1,300 upwards. For example, for a trip flying out from Sydney to Athens on May 22 and returning on June 9, full-service carrier Qatar Airways is selling economy tickets for $1,461 return.

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