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Is your data speed slower? You’re not imagining it – that’s because it is

Which telco has the fastest speed? Depends where you are – and what time of day it is. (Photos: Getty)

Do you find the internet speed on your phone fluctuates depending on what time of the day it is?

That’s exactly what’s happening.

For Aussies in Sydney and Melbourne with any of the three big telcos, Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone, you’ll see download speed fluctuate depending on when you’re accessing the internet, according to mobile network performance analytics firm Opensignal.

“We noticed a consistent trend in both cities: our users on all three of the country's main networks... experienced a wide range of 4G download speeds during different hours of the day likely due to congestion, with download speeds decreasing through the day,” said the Opensignal report.

What time of day is download speed fastest?

If you’re an early riser, you’ll reap the benefits: Sydneysiders and Melbournians will experience the fastest download speeds between midnight to 6am at speeds ranging between an average of 45.4 Mbps to 57.5 Mbps.

But it starts gradually decreasing from there.

(Source: Opensignal)

“Further on in the day, as more users were online, our users saw their 4G download speeds drop on all three networks by 15 Mbps on average, hitting the lowest speeds between 6 pm and midnight,” said Opensignal.

Which telco is the fastest?

It depends which city you’re in.

If you live in Sydney then Telstra is the fastest provider, with speeds outperforming competitors in every single period of the day, with little fluctuation between quiet and busy periods.

If you live in Melbourne, the story is a bit more complex; Vodafone is slightly ahead of Telstra between midnight to noon, but the second half of the day to midnight sees Telstra come out in front.

And if you reside in Adelaide, Brisbane, or Perth, Telstra is again the stand-out winner for average download speeds across the three telcos at 63.2 Mbps, 55.7 Mbps and 50.6 Mbps respectively, according to Opensignal’s April Mobile Network Experience report.

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