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Six questions we have about Mare of Easttown

·2-min read

It is hard to see how life could get any more grim for Mare, the workaholic police officer star of the drama Mare of Easttown.

Kate Winslet plays her, with tremendous emotional intelligence and poise as well as a convincing Philadelphia accent and the unique ability to look great with grown out roots. Her ex-husband lives next door with his younger fiancée, her son committed suicide after saying how much he hated her, and her drug-addicted daughter-in-law is fighting for custody of her grandson. She’s also been suspended from her job, with the whole town disappointed that she hasn’t solved the disappearance of her friend’s daughter a year ago — and now a young woman has been murdered.

There are three more episodes left for us to find out what happened to Erin and whether her death was linked to Katie’s disappearance. The mystery of Erin’s death is gripping, but the genius of this show is that it raises other questions, which may or may not be linked to the murder.

Here’s what needs to be resolved.

1. Who is Erin’s baby’s father? And why would you call your baby DJ?

2. Why did Mare delete the CCTV at the house of the old couple? Was she simply fed up that they kept calling her in the night about noise or was it more significant and linked to Erin’s death?

3. How long will Mare put up with her chumpy new sidekick detective Colin Zabel? He says things like “team work makes the dream work” and has an inappropriate crush on her. Her coping strategy is lots of withering looks but will her patience crack?

© 2021 Home Box Office, Inc. Al
© 2021 Home Box Office, Inc. Al

4. What’s happened to the Peeping Tom from episode one?

5. Will Mare introduce the hot writer she’s been on a few dates with to her family? Her daughter has given up on any idea that her mother can ever be happy, saying the secret to dealing with Mare is to “lower your expectations”. Meanwhile, Mare’s mother is despairing so much she is calling Mare by her full name, Mary-Ann.

6. Why haven’t we seen Mare’s grandson’s pet turtle?

Mare of Easttown shows weekly on Sky and NOW.

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