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Seven tech items you wouldn’t believe exist

Samantha Menzies

Technology is progressing at an impressive speed, with new and more advanced gadgets becoming available every day, some of which are far more useful and less ridiculous than others.

Here are seven bizarre technology products you wouldn’t believe exist.

Macbook selfie stick

The ever-so-slightly ridiculous invention of the selfie stick has reached new heights with this product.

What was once a gadget to help you capture a close-up with your smartphone or tablet has now advanced to the MacBook.

The MacBook selfie stick, designed by Moises (Art404), John Yuyi and Tom Galle (a collective of artists), can be used to take pictures using the forward facing camera, or even give an extra twist to skype conversations.

The trio recently took to the streets of New York to showcase their new product, getting a hilarious response from onlookers.


Why bother to drink alcohol when you can just inhale it instead?

According to its makers, the bizarre product lets users experience the fun part of drinking alcohol while minimizing the hangover.

At 1/60th the amount of a normal shot of alcohol, Vapshots are said to bring out the taste of the liquor and only last for 15 minutes at a time.

“[To use Vapshot] you just twist open the bottle cap like with any other bottle and it will pop on its own. Vapshot contains much less pressure than a bottle of champagne but still puts out a loud pop sound. However, it should be treated like a bottle of champagne,” the manufacturer said on its website.


Instead of having a wristband to measure your health, you can now get some fancy headgear.

The headband has 4 EEG touch points and 2 reference sensors to give the wearer insight into their brain activity, with the idea being that the user can optimize their brain performance over time.

The Ripplemaker

The novelty of coffee art has extended to the development of a dedicated machine.

The Ripplemaker is not a coffee making machine but instead a separate machine solely dedicated to making images in the foam layer of your coffee.

All you need to do is download the app to your phone and the machine will print the whole picture on your coffee.

Tornado body dryer

Those which are too lazy to dry themselves after a shower, or don’t own towels, would probably be excited to hear about the Tornado Body Dryer.

The dryer sits inside your shower cubicle and blasts you dry before you even step out of the shower.

The Parrot

Stick you Parrot into your plant pot and the device will assess your plant’s needs and send alerts to your smartphone so you know when to take care of it.

It measures the temperature, fertilizer, moisture and sunlight to create analysis about your plant’s wellbeing.


Digitsole’s smart shoes are not only interactive but also have automated tightening, controlled by your smartphone, heating and are shock absorbent.

It also tracks your steps and movements, counts calories and notifies you if you’re putting on weight.

The app-controlled futuristic shoes not only come in a tennis shoe style but also in heels for the ladies.