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Seek creates Spotify playlist to ease career anxieties

If career anxiety has you up at night, Seek has created a Spotify playlist to help put those worries at ease. (Source: Getty)

Jobs platform Seek has partnered up with Spotify and Australian hip hop artist Briggs to create a playlist designed to help people with work- and career-related anxieties.

The playlist mix consists of ‘bedtime rhymes’ written and produced by Briggs based on career advice provided by Seek’s resident psychologist.

Seek Sleepmix’ is also personalised to your music taste and asks you to select genres you enjoy listening to most.

According to Seek research, 44 per cent of Australians are staying up at night thinking about work.

“Australians are now facing issues that they’ve never had to deal with before - reduced hours, sudden redundancy and having to take on new ways of working,” said Seek resident psychologist Sabina Read.

“When we are faced with uncertainty, our default is to look for predictability, understanding and solutions and when we can't find those things it can affect the way we feel and behave. It can also leave us feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next.”

Seeking advice, whether a careers coach or mental health professional, can help ease those worries, as well as utilising free resources online, she added.

To create the mix, Seek consulted with Macquarie University’s professor and director of the Music, Sound and Performance Lab, Bill Thompson for his scientific expertise.

Sound and music have a hand in influencing our moods as well as how we understand ourselves and the world around us, he said.

“The right sounds can brighten our mood and help us to unwind, focus, and plan our futures creatively and effectively,” he said.

“When building the Sleepmix there were a number of elements that had to be taken into consideration – including the mnemonic, soundscape and the lyrics of the bedtime rhymes – optimising elements such as tempo, emotional tone, complexity and length.”

The music had to be “peaceful and optimistic” but “not too complex or familiar” that it might trigger memories of artists or venues.

“We wanted the soundscape to support the career advice, but not compete for attention. We achieved this by creating sound and music textures that nurture a positive auditory experience and are personally meaningful, but not distracting.”

Briggs said that coming up with the ‘bedtime rhymes’ were a challenge for him, given the high-energy nature of his music.

“But when I got into the writing and creating process it wasn’t as far away from my wheelhouse as I thought, there was still a moral to the tracks. I could empathise with people needing some assistance to turn off,” he said.

“Sleeptime podcasts are something I’ve turned to from time to time,” he added.

“Given the current climate of the world we are in, I thought it was time I try something new, different times call for different measures. Maybe a new approach is what you need? Give it a shot.”

Meditation app Headspace last year released some targeted meditations aimed at combating financial stress.

Another app, the Financial Mindfulness app, was developed with neuropsychologists as well as mindfulness and financial experts to address how stress itself is handled.

The app uses a mix of financial literacy, goal-setting, and positive reinforcement to help develop new behaviours for better money management.

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