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Secret hack to scoring extra Flybuys points at Coles

This secret Coles hack will have you scoring bonus Flybuys points. Source: Getty

One savvy Australian mum has found a secret trick to scoring extra Flybuys points when shopping at Coles - just for an act you might already be doing.

Shoppers are eligible for 50 Flybuys points if they take on the packing duties at the cash register.

They’ll have to let the cashier know, who will then enter a code to the receipt to add the points to the receipt.

Aussie mum Nadine posted her hack to Facebook group Mums Who Budget & Save this week, sending other members into a frenzy.

“Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know this but when I shop at Coles I always pack my own bags (I let the checkout person know I’m happy to do it) because it’s quicker and I like to pack my bags full lol,” she said.

“Well I was just told that you receive an extra 50 fly buys points for doing so!

“The checkout person said to make sure you always ask the cashier to put it on and it’s under heavy items. I know it’s not huge but every point counts and it’s something I’m doing anyway!”

Nadine’s receipt shows the cashier added a code ‘YOU PACK’, which shows up as 1 cent on the receipt. That is the code generator to get the 50 points which is then credited back to the shopper.

Nadine's Coles receipt. Source: Mums Who Budget & Save

“The code they used it’s called 'you pack',” she said. “The 1c is a code generator to get the 50 points as you can see it is then credited. 50 points should equal 25c each shop.”

“Thanks for the tip!” One mum said.

“I am pedantic about how my bags are packed and always do them myself anyway so this is hugely useful info!!” another said.