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Seattle Gummy Company Launches Highest Loading Sugar Free Caffeine Shots

·3-min read

Creating the most concentrated sugar free caffeine shots on the market


Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) launched sugar free Mocca Shots®, creating the most concentrated sugar free caffeine shots on the market. Each dark chocolate strawberry flavored gummy packs 100 mg caffeine, the equivalent of a regular cup of coffee!

These sugar free gummies not only taste amazing, they also have the same all-natural, extremely effective and non-jittery energy as the company’s regular Mocca Shots. And the best part? Each gummy is only 5-calories.

One would think such concentrated caffeine would cause a lot of caffeine jitters, but SGC proprietary Serene Focus™ herbal blend removed caffeine jitter while providing a fast and effective energy boost. “We try to replicate our regular Mocca Shots’ clean energy boost.” Said Dr. Connie Wan, CEO, “instead of just making a sugar free version of our regular Mocca Shots, we reformulated the bioactives to replicate that serene focus effect that our regular Mocca Shots brings.”

Sugar free products often taste artificial.” Said Connie, “it took a team of our Ph.D. scientists to develop an all-natural sugar-free gummy that tastes like natural sugar without all the artificial sweeteners and additives.” The company has filed patent protection on its innovative sugar-free gummy formulations. “We are now 70 plus patent filings strong!” Connie emphasized.

Keeping expanding its gummy technology toolbox, SGC’s R&D team invented multiple technology platforms from diabetic safe carbohydrates to sugar free gummy matrix. Its new product pipeline not only includes more functional gummy products but also a suite of gummy medicines for treating conditions from allergy to inflammation to erectile dysfunction. “Gummy medicine delivers drugs through mucosal absorption which is fast and effective.” Said Connie, “the first part of our medicine pipeline targets the conditions that need fast relief.”

The company is in the process of launch Series B raise to accelerate its gummy medicine pipeline. As part of the B raise, the company has carved a portion of the raise and partnered up with weFunder, a crowdsourcing platform. “We have raised over $10M from VC and PEs with the ticket size being at least half a million.“ Said Connie, “But in the past few years, we have so many people asking if there is a way for them to join. With weFunder, people can join with as little as $100. SGC board approved this exception as a thanks to all the customers and partners who have provided us unwavering supports in the past few years.”

For your chance of joining the gummy medicine future, SGC’s weFunder page can be found here:

About the Company:

Seattle Gummy Company is a science-based and performance-driven company that takes immense pride in providing a range of innovative chewable gummy formulations. These gummies were developed by their in-house Ph.D. research scientists who have designed their gummies to give the best health benefits at an affordable price. Their wide selection of products, each made with premium, high-quality ingredients, are vegan, non-GMO, all-natural, and made in the USA. They combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest science to ensure all products provide the maximum results for every customer.


Location: Seattle Gummy Company - Google Maps

CONTACT: Name: Brad Fitch Organization: Seattle Gummy Company Address: 108 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 Phone: +12062570464

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