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Scottish airline to run shortest flight

Scottish airline Loganair has won a contract to operate the world's shortest scheduled flight - as little as 47 seconds, depending on wind direction.

The flight between two Orkney Islands - Westray and Papa Westray - is slightly more than 1.6km, according to Britain's Daily Telegraph.

The fare costs STG21 ($A32.18) return.

Loganair had to fight off competition for the route from two rival operators, the Telegraph wrote. quoted Phil Preston, chief operating officer at Loganair, as saying: "It's a great privilege to maintain operations on one of the world's most famous routes, linking two islands while being a milestone for the many aviation enthusiasts who travel from far and wide to complete the journey.

"We're extremely proud of the vital services we offer to the island communities of Orkney".

Travel writer Bill Bryson called Papa Westray one of his favorite places in Britain.

The Telegraph noted that at the other end of the spectrum, Singapore Airlines operates the longest flight - between Singapore and New York, a distance of about 15,298km covered in about 18-and-a-half hours.

But it will stop the service this year, according to News Limited, leaving Qantas in the lead with its 13,803km Sydney to Dallas-Fort Worth flight, which takes around 17 hours.