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Scooti, the Uber for scooters, has pulled up in Melbourne

(Source: Scooti)

If you’re travelling solo and Uber just isn’t cutting it for you these days, Melburnians will be the first to enjoy a different solution: Scooti.

It works just like Uber – except instead of a car, you’ll be picked up in a scooter instead.

Scooti fashions themselves as a more cost-efficient and enjoyable alternative to taxis or other ride-sharing apps that will ease traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

“Not only can our fleet of drivers navigate around traffic jams and pull up in tight spaces to let you off, they’re also making that inner-city commute more efficient and in turn, saving time and money,” Scooti CEO Brett Balsters said, as reported in AAP.

Pedestrians in Melbourne needing a lift will be able to book a ride within a ten kilometre radius of Melbourne’s Town Hall, according to the Scooti website.

Passengers are provided a helmet, a hairnet and a high-vis safety vest for their journey, with a box provided for their belongings, according to AAP.

Female passengers who prefer to ride with a female driver will also be catered for.

All Scooti drivers, who are all fully licensed and accredited by the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (which requires a national criminal history check, a driving history check and prove they’re medically fit to drive a commercial passenger vehicle) are each individually vetted by Scooti. Scooter and equipment are also inspected.

Payment works just like Uber, where a credit card is attached to your account.

But you won’t find the service around the clock – drivers will be available every day of the week, but only between 5am to 10pm.

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