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SCAM: CommBank customers targeted by $500 cardless cash hoax

Commonwealth Bank of Australia customers have been targeted by a scam. Images: AAP, CommBank

Australia’s largest bank has sounded the alarm on a new scam purportedly offering customers $500 if they check their ‘cardless cash’ function.

The Commonwealth Bank confirmed the scam today, warning that the SMS message and attached link was a hoax.

“NetBank Alert: Help us to test the CommBank app and get a $500 bonus,” the scam SMS reads.

The attached link directs victims to a webpage that appears to belong to the Commonwealth Bank.

“If you will give us a few minutes of your time, you will get a $500 bonus to your account,” the page reads.

“All you need is to check whether the Cardless Cash functionality on iPhone works correctly: just create a $500 Cash Code and this sum will be transferred to your account within an hour.”

Source: Commonwealth Bank

The Commonwealth Bank shared a screenshot of the scam today, telling customers that it would never contact them with a message containing a link asking for NetBank client number, password or NetCode SMS.

“If you receive this SMS, report it to then delete it,” the bank advised.

One Commonwealth Bank customer commented on Facebook that they had received six of the scam messages in the past week.

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