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RIDICULOUS: The 6 most ludicrously expensive bottles of water

The most expensive bottles of water. Source: Money Inc, Trend Hunter, Fillico.
The most expensive bottles of water. Source: Finances Online, Trend Hunter, Fillico.

Water is simply a life necessity, and thankfully it’s not too costly.

A standard 600mL bottle of Mount Franklin water at your local Woolworths will set you back $2.15.

If you’re feeling a little fancy, a 800mL bottle of Norway’s finest still H20, Voss, will cost you $5.10, or $3.10 for a 375mL.

Or, your tap won’t cost you a dime.

But, if you’ve got a spare $150,000 lying around, and you don’t want to spend it on a house, you may want to try some of the world’s finest water.


Here are some of the most ludicrously expensive bottles of water in the world:

1 . Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxy Collection Diamond Edition

Cost: $143, 875

Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxy Collection Diamond Edition. Source: Beverly Hills 9OH2O.
Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxy Collection Diamond Edition. Source: Beverly Hills 9OH2O.

Beverly Hills 9OH20 spring water hails from the California Mountains, and has been named the world’s most expensive bottle of water.

Limited to only nine bottles in the world (but yet to sell out), Beverly Hills 9O2H0 says its Diamond Edition of the Luxury Collection of Beverly Hills 9OH2O is the (self-titleD) “ultimate” in water.

Designed by Beverly Hills jeweler, Mario Padilla, each bottle features a white gold cap set with over 600 G/VS white diamonds, and over 250 black diamonds totaling 14 carats.

And it’s not just a pretty face, with the maker’s boasting its alkaline, electrolyte-rich profile that’s high in healthy minerals.

To top it off, each bottle comes in a custom secured presentation case, together with four engraved Baccarat crystal tumblers, and includes a one-year supply of the Beverly Hills Lifestyle Edition 9OH20, which costs $72 per bottle.

2 . Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

Cost: $86,254

Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani. Source: Money Inc
Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani. Source: Money Inc

The Acqua Di Cristallo comes in hot in second place, after being auctioned off in 2010 for the bargain price of $86,254.

Why the hefty price-tag for a bottle of plain old water?

Just one look at the bottle will tell you it’s not plain nor old.

It’s hand-crafted, and made from 24 carat gold, with 5mg of 23 carat gold dust.

It’s based on the artwork of Italian artist, Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, who was famous in the early 1900s for his modernised figurative paintings, and who’s artwork rests in the Tate Modern.

Inside the 1.250 litre bottle is a combination of glacier water from Iceland, and natural spring waters from France and Fiji Islands.

3 . Bling H2O’s - The Ten Thousand

Cost: $3,881

Bling H2O’s - The Ten Thousand. Source: Trend Hunter
Bling H2O’s - The Ten Thousand. Source: Trend Hunter

Bling H2O is a made-to-order collection water bottle that is adorned with over 10,000 hand-applied Swarovski Crystals.

It’s the most expensive of the brand’s products, rolling in at $3,881 per bottle, compared to its Frosted collection, which will still set you back $56.

4 . Kona Nigari

Cost: $575

Kona Nigari. Source: Finances Online
Kona Nigari. Source: Finances Online

Another pricey drop is Japan’s famous Kona Nigari, which will see you forking out $575 for each bottle.

The water is sourced from Hawaii, 3,000 feet down off one of the most remote and protected archipelagos in the world, and is bottled by Hawaii Deep Marine.

The deep ocean current it’s sourced from travels incredibly slowly, taking 1,000 years to flow halfway around the world and ultimately arrive off the coast of Hawaii, picking up deep water minerals along the way.

The suppliers use reverse osmosis to purify the water, and while nothing is added to it, it’s one of the most hydrating water sources due to the natural electrolytes from deep ocean minerals

5 . Fillico

Cost: $345

Fillico. Source: Fillico
Fillico. Source: Fillico

Fillico Jewelry Water is a mineral water for the high-class, designed by the Trulli of Alberobello in Puglia, Italy.

It’s also decorated with Swarovski Crystal.

The water comes from the Rokko Mountains in Kobe, which is located almost in the centre of Japan, and only two companies are allowed to use the name “Kobe Water” given its premium status.

The water runs through the granite of the mountains, picking up minerals that melt into its path, and absorbing oxygen from the clean air along its journey.

It will set you back between $288 to $345, depending on which design you opt for.

6 . Svalbardi

Cost: $95

Svalbardi. Source: Svalbardi
Svalbardi. Source: Svalbardi

Svalbardi water is harvested from freshly carved off glaciers in the remote polar region of the Svalbard archipelago, which is about 1,000 kilometres from the North Pole.

It’s the world’s northernmost bottled water, and is almost entirely mineral free, with the pH of fresh snow.

It doesn’t have any bells or whistles attached, but it will cost you $95 at your local Dan Murphy’s.

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