Revealed: Australia’s fastest-growing job of 2018

Demand for registrars and residents shot up in 2018. <i>(Photo: Getty)</i>
Demand for registrars and residents shot up in 2018. (Photo: Getty)

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Residents (junior medical staff) and registrars (senior doctors) took the top spot as the fastest-growing job last year, seeing a whopping 79.4 per cent job ad growth compared to 12 months prior.

The healthcare industry on the whole is hiring more, with this sector seeing 12.3 per cent growth, according to SEEK.

Of the top 20 hardest-to-fill Australian jobs, roles in the healthcare sector account for nearly half.

Why this job has boomed so much

Nursing recruitment agency Healthcare HQ director Angela Thwaites explained that the nature of the registrar role meant it typically saw high turnover.

“This is a rotating profession where registrars only remain registrars for a set period before they all go off into their ‘big people’ jobs (specialities, rural, etc),” she told Yahoo Finance.

“So it's no wonder that there are a large number of adverts... They all have to start somewhere.”

She added: “The role of registrars are in shaping them to become amazing physicians, surgeons, intensivists, and anaesthetists.”

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