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How to Remove Scratches from Prescription Safety Glasses by Eyeweb

·4-min read

RALEIGH, N.C., April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Glasses, whether they are prescription glasses or sunglasses, represent in all cases an indispensable support for each of us. However, the safety glasses are eye protection equipment that meets the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health administration. Advances in technology allow the use of safety glasses that are more comfortable and attractive but always comply with current requirements. When a pair of glasses gets scratched, this is not only an aesthetic inconvenience, but it is a problem that can also cause small or large visual disturbances, since a scratched lens loses its natural transparency. This is why in these cases it is necessary to intervene promptly to solve the problem. But how is it necessary to do this? Here are 5 tips to remove scratches from prescription safety glasses.

Eye Protection in Work Place with Safety Glasses

Did you know that sick leave due to some type of eye injury tends to be more frequent and lasting than sick leave due to injuries to other parts of the body? That is why eye protection is so important. And to ensure this protection we must use eye protection equipment that is in perfect condition and that allows us optimal visibility, which is not tiring in daily or long-term use.

Safety glasses help to prevent from injury to the eyes in the area work, carefully analyze operations. They identify potential eye injury hazards, inspecting work areas, routes of access, and equipment, and review incident logs and eye injuries.

To keep the safety glasses in perfect condition we must ensure that we comply with correct maintenance. If we have clean and well cared for safety glasses, we will always have the highest quality of vision and, in addition, we will extend our useful life. We can easily buy glasses online, from any authentic online source to protect our eyes during work time.

Scratched Glasses: What to Do? Useful Tips and Myths to Dispel

As with any other equipment, safety glasses require maintenance. Safety glasses have special frames, completely different from regular glasses, since these must be stronger than the latter and must also resist exposure to heat. Their shape is also important, since it prevents the lenses from accidentally sticking into the eyes.

Learn how to clean your safety glasses.

Cleaning. Check your safety glasses daily and follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning them. If not handled carefully when cleaning, they can scratch and affect your vision or weaken the lens.

Storage. Store your safety glasses in a clean and dry place, where they will not be dropped or accidentally stepped on.

Replacement. When safety glasses are scratched, bent, broken or are becoming uncomfortable to use, it is because the time has come to change them, the sooner possible the better. Damaged equipment makes it difficult to see clearly and its protective characteristics may be reduced.

What We Should Do:

  • It is mandatory to rinse the glasses with cold water before any cleaning operation to remove dust from the glasses.

  • Clean the windows gently, with a cleaning spray or with wet wipes.

  • Use a soft and clean microfiber to clean the glasses

  • Always keep the glasses in their protective case or case.

  • Scratched lenses and / or frames in poor condition mean that the glasses must be replaced.

Thousands of sources provide eyeglasses online for our safety with detailed description.


  • Do not use hot water, which alters the treatments of the glass surface (anti-glare, anti-fog)

  • Do not clean the glasses with a garment or with your fingers, nails or even with a handkerchief, which can scratch the lenses.

  • Do not use solvent, alcohol or any other cleaning liquid as there is a risk that the glass will become opaque.

  • Do not put the glasses on the lenses.

How to Maintain the Safety Glasses Properly?

It is essential to take care of safety glasses because it is they that protect us from debris, and, although they are easy to use, certain guidelines need to be followed to protect them from damage and wear.

A number of steps should be considered daily to ensure proper compliance with ANSI standards. The first thing to do is to check the prescription safety glasses well in order to see if there is damage and how much wear it has suffered after daily use.

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