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Take a rare look inside the luxurious $116 million superyacht that has a sushi bar, a salon, Jacuzzi, and can sleep 16 people

Jessica Tyler

This week in Florida is the Miami Yacht Show, which showcases over 500 boats and yachts across 1.2 million square feet.

One of the most luxurious of these yachts is the Fraser Perini Navi Grace E, which costs about $A116 million to buy, according to Fraser's website. Spanning a length of more than 200 feet, the superyacht has seven staterooms and an entire wellness deck complete with a spa and gym.

Keep scrolling for a closer look inside the luxury yacht:

Built by Perini Navi, the Grace E superyacht measures about 240 feet long, and is priced at a whopping $A116,197,106.

It has three enormous outer decks, each accessible by a private elevator.

The uppermost deck has its own jacuzzi and an outdoor bar.

The middle deck has a ton of seating and lounging areas, including a few casual dining tables and one more formal one.

The lower deck is complete with a jacuzzi, casual dining area, and tons of lounge space.

There are additional lounge chairs right on the water...

...with easy access to a deck for swimming, boating, and water sports.

Inside the yacht, there are multiple spacious saloons...

...complete with massive windows and a formal dining room.

This saloon has a sushi bar overlooking the water in place of a formal dining room.

Here's another look at the sushi bar.

The staterooms on the Grace E are spacious. This is one of the two VIP rooms.

There are seven staterooms in total, enough space to sleep 16.

Even the rooms with two twin beds are luxurious.

Some of the best bonus features include a salon...

...a wellness deck complete with hydrotherapy, a pool, steam room, and sauna...

...and a state of the art gym.