Rare Aussie coin worth up to $450: 'Special'

The $1 gold coins were released as part of the Great Aussie Coin Hunt in 2019.

An Aussie coin enthusiast has revealed the “special feature” that makes this gold coin worth hundreds of dollars. The $1 coin is part of the Great Aussie Coin Hunt collectables that were released by Australia Post and the Royal Mint in 2019.

The coin set included 26 limited-edition legal tender coins that were given out as change at post offices across Australia. The coins feature iconic Aussie designs corresponding to each letter of the alphabet, with the A coin for Australia Post.

Victorian coin collector Michael McCauley told Aussies there were some “super rare” versions of the Australia Post coins that included one extra detail.

Australia Post $1 coin with envelope
Only 14,500 of the Australia Post 'Envelope Privy Mark' coins were minted. (Source: Royal Mint, Australia Post)

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“If you’ve got this coin and it has a little envelope on this part of the coin, they are worth between $400 and $450 as a recent selling price range,” McCauley shared on TikTok.


According to the Royal Mint, only 14,500 of the coins were minted. In comparison, there were 523,000 of each of the other Aussie Coin Hunt designs produced.

The special ‘Envelope Privy Mark’ coins were originally included in 26-coin tube and folder sets, but collectors didn’t know which ones they were hidden in. There was also a limited release of 2,000 privy coins at the time.


“They could be anywhere and no-one knows which tubes they’re hidden in until they’re opened,” former Australia Post executive general manager, community and consumer, Nicole Sheffield said at the time.

The coins are legal tender so if you weren’t lucky enough to find one back then, there’s still a chance you could find the coin in your change.

“If you are looking for these coins and you happen to find one…definitely check this part of the coin for the envelope privy mark,” McCauley said.

Even the other Aussie Coin Hunt coins are worth more than their face value, with McCauley noting recent selling prices were between $2.20 and $10.

Australia Post released a new Great Aussie Coin Hunt in 2021 and a third set in 2022.

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