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Detail on rare 50 cent coin makes it worth $800

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(Source: Getty, TikTok/@thehistoryofmoney)
(Source: Getty, TikTok/@thehistoryofmoney)

If you, like many Australians, have stopped keeping cash on you, this could be a solid reason to reconsider: special coins and banknotes worth several times its transaction value.

Certain 50 cent coins that have this specific detail can be worth $20 all the way up to $800 dollars, cash enthusiast Joel Kandiah revealed through his popular TikTok profile The History of Money.

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Here’s how to spot one.

If you have a regular 50 cent coin lying around, you’ll see that the St George’s cross on the flag’s Union Jack is raised.

But the 2000 Millennium coins – instantly recognisable because they say ‘MILLENIUM YEAR’ on one side – will feature a Union Jack that is incussed, or indented, rather than raised.

(Source: TikTok/@thehistoryofmoney)
(Source: TikTok/@thehistoryofmoney)

There are only 200,000 of these coins in circulation, Kandiah revealed.

And that makes it incredibly rare, since the typical dodecagonal Australian 50 cent coin is the most highly-circulated coin in the country.

Watch the full TikTok video below:

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However, if you don’t have this specific 50 cent coin, keep an eye out for the round 50 cent coins.

These were introduced in 1966 and were made of 80 per cent silver.

But as the value of silver rose, people were actually taking these coins, melting them down, and making a profit.

So the Royal Australian Mint stopped making them and in 1969 introduced the 12-sided coins we use today.

But if you have a rare round 50 cent coin in your wallet, you could sell it for $15, Kandiah revealed in another TikTok video.

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