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Rare $20 bank note worth up to $150

There were only 189,000 of the bank notes printed, making them a rare find for collectors.

It could be time to check your wallet, with one currency expert revealing the $20 banknote that could fetch you more than seven times the note’s nominal value.

Joel Kandiah, a Perth-based TikToker and numismatist who goes by The History of Money online, shared he had recently found the “rare” $20 note.

Kandiah said there were two features to look out for to check if you had the note too.

Rare $20 note
An expert has revealed how to spot the rare $20 note worth much more than its face value. (Source: TikTok)

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“Look at the front of a new $20 note and see if the signature combination is Philip Lowe and John Fraser,” Kandiah said.

“If you’ve got that note, then flip the note over and see if the serial number starts with AA. If it’s AA19, this could be worth between $35 and $150. This is because there were only 189,000 of these notes printed - a very small print run.”


According to Kandiah, the reason for the note’s rarity is because there was a change of treasury secretary in the middle of the print run. There were 45 different prefixes available, but only a small number starting with AA19.


The exact amount the note is worth will depend on its condition, Kandiah noted.

It’s not the only rare $20 note that you could make bank on. Kandiah previously revealed that $20 notes with a Fraser/Evans signature and serial number starting with PE93 could be worth up to $4,750.

Rare details to look out for

There are other little details that can massively increase the value of banknotes, making them worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Coin expert Matthew Thompson from Thompsons Coins recommended people look out for interesting details in the serial numbers of bank notes.

“Something that is definitely collectible are things like solid serial numbers,” Thompson previously told Yahoo Finance.

“If they are all the same number or something interesting like that, they can have a significant value. You can be talking hundreds and thousands of dollars.”

Another detail to look for are “radar” - or palindrome - serial numbers. These read the same front to back, such as “1234321”.

“I generally suggest to people that if you look at a coin or a banknote and there’s something interesting or out of the ordinary about it, there’s a possibility that other collectors will agree with you and, in turn, there’ll be higher value on them,” Thompson said.

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