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Qld govt rejects federal ALP jobless blame

Claims Queensland's public sector job cuts have pushed up Australia's unemployment rate are nonsense, the state's leaders say.

With the nation's jobless rate rising to 5.4 per cent in December, Queensland's level jumped to 6.2 per cent, the increase second only to Tasmania's.

Acting Employment Minister Kate Ellis has subsequently blamed Queensland for the national increase.

She says about 17,000 jobs were created around the nation but almost 23,000 were shed in Queensland.

"We are seeing huge numbers of job losses in Queensland," she told ABC Radio on Friday.

"That is impacting on the national figures.

"If we had taken out the Queensland losses, the unemployment rate would have fallen."

Ms Ellis said the job losses have led to a loss in confidence and triggered job cuts in the private sector.

The Newman government is downsizing the public service with a goal to shed 14,000 jobs, a figure Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls says includes not renewing 4000 temporary contracts and axing unfilled positions.

He says about 7500 jobs have been shed so far.

"Blaming it all on Queensland is patently quite facile," Mr Nicholls told ABC Radio.

He says global factors, and political deadlock in the US over debt, caused Queensland's jobless rate to increase.

Premier Campbell Newman says Ms Ellis' claims are nothing more than an attempt to make political mileage.

"Kate Ellis is a federal Labor minister. They want to win seats in Queensland," the ABC quoted the premier as saying.

"They (federal Labor), every single day of the week, attack myself and my government.

"It's totally spurious once again, the things that they are saying."