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Gold Coast teen wants $20,300 for puffy Doritos chip

·2-min read
Image of Raylee Stuart, eBay image of puffy Doritos chip
Raylee Stuart is hoping to make more than $20,000 from her Doritos chip. (Source: Nine, eBay)

Gold Coast teenager Rylee Stuart is hoping someone will buy her peculiarly-shaped Doritos chip for more than $20,000.

The 13-year-old was eating a packet of Doritos chips when she stumbled across a particularly ‘unique’ puffy chip.

"I was about to eat it, and I thought I better save it for later," Stuart told 9News.

She posted a TikTok video of the chip asking whether the chip was valuable. The video has since clocked up nearly 3 million views.

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Stuart initially listed the chip for auction on eBaby at a starting price of $0.99.

Two hours later, the bidding price had hit $5,000.

Two days later, the bidding price for the chip had risen to five figures, and currently stands at $20,300.

Screenshot of eBay listing of puffy dorito chip
Raylee Stuart listed the unique chip on eBay. (Source: eBay, Yahoo Finance screenshot)

Stuart said she “screamed” when she saw bids hit $10,000.

But the 13-year-old is not the only one who wants to cash in on the windfall.

"Dad is saying that since he bought the packet, it's his chip,” Stuart said.

“But I ate the packet and found it, so I believe it is mine.”

Images of puffy Dorito chip
This puffy Doritos chip has 45 bids and is now worth more than $20,000. (Source: eBay)

Stuart’s dad joked: “She’s our favourite daughter now.”

While the puffy Dorito chip is certainly strange, it’s not unusual to see certain collectibles sold online for sky-high prices.

Under lockdown, Aussies are clearing their closets and taking to eBay to sell trading cards, valuable toys and fashion to make some quick cash.

And people who own antique Beanie Babies stand to earn more than $60,000 if they sell them online.

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