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Protestors want Kyle Sandilands sacked for Virgin Mary blunder

Kyle Sandliands faces mounting criticism after Virgin Mary comments. Source: Getty

People of faith have gathered outside KIIS FM’s Ryde headquarters to protest for Kyle Sandilands’ sacking, after he joked the Virgin Mary was a ‘liar’ who got ‘knocked up behind a camel shed’.

Sandilands apologised for the video last week, and told the Daily Telegraph everyone was ‘entitled to their own religious beliefs’, but protestors say Sandilands should be subject to the same punishment as Israel Folau.

“We live in a country that has double standards because in the commercial code of conduct clause 214 states that a radio station cannot offend, discriminate against religion, sex, gender,” protest leader Georgie Clark said.

“Rugby Australia have the same code of conduct and he [Israel Folau] got sacked for quoting something he didn’t even write.

“Kyle from 106.5 KIIS FM went and discriminated against not only one religion but two. He discriminated and said things from his own heart. He called us dumb, he called us stupid, he called Muslims and Christians who believe in the Virgin Mary liars,” Clark said.

“What is the difference between offending a homosexual or a thief or a liar or an adulterer or a fornicator like Israel Folau did? But when it comes to religion they just want to sweep us under the carpet.”

Folau was sacked in April this year for sharing an image on his Instagram account which said ‘hell awaits drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists, idolaters’.

The Rugby star has launched a multi-million dollar unfair dismissal case against Rugby Australia, which will head to trial in February next year.

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