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How much does a cup of coffee cost around the world?

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Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages all across the world – but developing a habit for the caffeinated drink will cost you more or less depending on where in the world you live.

You wouldn’t want to love coffee if you live in Denmark, for example, where a tall latte at Starbucks would cost you AU$8.81.

Switzerland, Finland, Macau, and Luxembourg are the second, third, fourth and fifth-most expensive cities in the world for a humble latte, all costing upwards of AU$7.50, according to Finder’s Starbucks Index 2019.

This is bad news for Finnish people, as they actually drink the most coffee in the world at 12kg per person, while paying through the nose for it.

(Source: Finder)

Relative to our international counterparts, the amount Aussies pay for a coffee isn’t too much, at $4.50 a cup.

On a list of 76 cities, ranked from most to least expensive for a tall Starbucks latte, Sydney is 52nd on the list.

If you wanted to know where the cheapest place in the world was for the same drink, head to Turkey, where you’ll only be set back AU$2.59.

Then you should look to the outskirts of Cairo in Egypt (AU$2.84), Colombia’s Bogota (AU$2.97) and Argentina’s Buenos Aires (AU$3.11).

(Source: Finder)

“Our index is an informal way to measure local prices for a common item against other countries,” Finder said on their website.

“We should expect that coffee prices are higher in wealthier countries and lower in poorer countries, because many factors affect the cost of goods and services, including the local cost of raw materials, production and labor costs, taxes, tariffs and retailer pricing strategies.”

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