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Pray for your computer: Church of England now has prayers for computer, office problems

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If you’re having trouble with your computer you might ask your colleagues, Google or the IT team for help. But what if you could someone even more resourceful?

The latest edition of the Church of England’s Consecrations, Blessings and Prayers includes prayers for internet and computer problems.

“We asked vicars what they had to bless, and this book is the result,” publisher and vicar, Revd Christine Smith told The Telegraph.

The book, published by Cambridge Press, also includes blessings for offices, computer systems and users’ state of mind before going online.

One prayer in particular reminds users to be courteous towards one another while surfing the net.

“We need this prayer because when we open that door to the internet and social media, anything can happen,” Smith said.

“It might make people stop and think before they vent their spleen online, especially if they print it out and put it on their screen.”

She said the prayers should be said every time users head online.

The prayer book also contains prayers for when starting a new computer network: “May it be an inspiration to do good, and a profitable investment.’

And, prayers for those in the office, asking that there be “good relations” between colleagues and that bosses never expect too much from their employees, while behaving “responsibly and honestly”.

“May this office become a branch office of your kingdom and may we take all our more important orders directly from you.”

“There are high levels of stress in modern work places. People are going flat out. A blessing will enable them to think and breathe, and that’s important,” Smith said.

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