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6 little-known hacks to make your phone charge faster

Speed up the time it takes to charge your phone. (Source: Getty)

Most of us charge our phones overnight while we get our own beauty rest – but if you’ve somehow drained your phone battery way ahead of schedule, you’ll be looking for a way to speed up the charging process.

So what can you do?

You might already be nixing all your apps and turning off certain features like Bluetooth or GPS to stop it from draining unnecessary power – but there’s more you can do.

Here are a few of the simplest hacks to make your phone charge quicker:

1. Turn your phone on Airplane Mode

This one is a no-brainer: turning on Airplane mode means you won’t be burning a lot of juice trying to connect with your data provider. However, the obvious trade-off means your phone will be out of commission until you decide to turn Airplane Mode off.

Airplane Mode may also not make that great of a difference: tests by CNET find that Airplane Mode only helped phones charge 4 minutes or in other instances up to 11 minutes faster.

2. Turn your phone off

Following on from the point above, if you’re content to take a break from your phone completely while it’s charging, consider switching your phone off so it can focus completely on charging up.

3. Charge from the wall

Have you noticed that your phone charges slower through your laptop? You’re definitely not imagining it – in come cases, it can take up to an hour more to charge a phone through USB than through the wall socket.

4. Use a shorter cord

The kind of cable you use can also make a difference. The charging speed not only depends on the quality of the cable used, but the length, too: the longer the cable, the longer the charge.

5. Take your phone case off

Does your phone tend to freak out a bit during summer? There’s a very scientific reason why: the hotter your phone, the slower the heat-sensitive processes run. So, in order to assist the phone-charging process, remove the case – especially if it’s bulky – to let out any extra heat.

6. Stop checking the battery level

The second-biggest thing draining battery after cell data is the bright screen, so stop checking to see how much your phone charged and just let it do its thing! At the very least, turn the brightness down while you check.

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