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How to pay $9 for glasses that look $349

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For Aussies who love a bargain, it doesn’t get much better than paying low prices for something that should – or looks like it should – cost top dollar.

And just as Aldi’s $19.99 knock-off of a premium $690 skin cream flies off shelves in minutes, consumers don’t need to be paying high-end prices for eyewear to achieve a high-end look.

According to vision correction CEO Duncan Brett, prescription glasses made in the same factories and of the same quality are being sold for as much as 40 times more.

“In the current age of online shopping - with fast shipping, excellent returns policies and even 'virtual try on' technology that allows consumers to virtually 'try-on frames before they buy', the eyewear industry is changing,” Brett said.

The online glasses and contact lenses industry is worth $99 million in Australia, and is growing by nearly 6 per cent every year - nearly double that of in-store sales.

“Consumers need to be told they are being ripped off and paying much more than they should be.”

The potential savings are huge: for example, a pair of simple square black frames by Hugo Boss retailing for $249 at Specsavers would only cost you $29 with Clearly.

Hugo Boss glasses at Specsavers: $249. (Source: Specsavers)
Mount Royal glasses at Clearly: $9. (Source: Supplied)

If tortoiseshell is what you’re more into, these $199 Carla Zampatti frames would only set you back $90 with Clearly.

Schiffer in Havana from Clearly: $90. (Source: Clearly)
Carla Zampatti glasses from Specsavers, $199. (Source: Supplied)

Marc Jacobs’ speckled glasses, $349 (including standard lenses) at Specsavers, would be just $9 with Clearly. Adding on $5 for shipping would still be $14 to get it delivered straight to your door.

Marc Jacobs glasses from Specsavers: $349. (Source: Supplied)
Hamilton glasses from Clearly: $9. (Source: Supplied)

On the higher end of the spectrum, BVLGARI’s cat-eye frames retail for $820 at OPSM – but you could get a similar pair for $95.

BVLGARI cat eye sunglasses at OPSM: $820. (Source: Supplied)
Kam Dhillon Brigitte glasses from Clearly: $95. (Source: Clearly)

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