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Parents’ clever but simple ‘just because’ bucket is a romance game changer

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It can take work to keep the romance alive in a relationship, especially when life and all of its responsibilities get in the way.

Sometimes the routines and duties make it impossible to slow down and show your partner that you’re thinking of them. TikTok mom Kristen Marie shared a tool she and her husband used to make romantic gestures easier. She dubbed it the “just because” bucket. 

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“Let me tell you about the ‘just because’ bucket. A couple of friends told us they did this in their relationship years ago, and I thought it was an amazing idea,” Marie explained

All you need for this is an empty bucket you probably already have laying around. 

“The concept is simple. Buy a cheap container or bucket and fill it with little things that would make your partner’s day,” she said. “They don’t have to be expensive, and then you give them that bucket for no occasion other than the fact that you’re just grateful for them.” 

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Once you give them the bucket with gifts, the bucket is then in their court.

“So they do the same for you whenever they feel like it,” Marie said. “It’s on your timeline, so it could be weeks, months, years before they return it back.” 

The “just because” bucket concept received 1.7 million views on TikTok

“I’d do it for my man, and he’d return it five years later,” someone joked.

“I’m gonna go get a ‘just because’ bucket for myself,” another said

“My boyfriend and I would return it every single time we see each other,” a person wrote

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