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Packers RB Aaron Jones: 'Good teams don't lose two in a row'

The Green Bay Packers got absolutely walloped by the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night, a 37-8 loss that showed the Packers at their worst. A loss like that can linger with a team and affect both mindset and preparation as everyone gets ready for the next game, but running back Aaron Jones revealed on USA Today’s “Clubhouse Live” that the Packers aren’t going to let that happen.

“We just keep with the mindset good teams don't lose two in a row” Jones said. “We haven't done that all year, so we're going to keep that mindset. We feel like we're a pretty good team. Just go back to work.”

Jones also gave an honest evaluation of how the team performed, especially on third downs. The Packers converted just one third down out of 15 on Sunday night, which is one of the reasons they had such little offense.

Aaron Jones says that the Packers aren't going to let their 37-8 loss to the 49ers impact their mindset going forward. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

“Yeah, it starts on first and second down,” Jones said. “You've got to get yourself in a manageable third down. When you get in third-and-long, defenses can do whatever they want at that point and send a lot of pressure or put eight DBs on the field and drop off and play the pass. We've just got to do a better job on the early downs.”

Looking at the five games the Packers have left to play, they have a pretty good chance at not losing two games in a row for the rest of the regular season. Four of their next five opponents have losing records: the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. They will face a serious opponent in Week 16 when they take on the Minnesota Vikings, who currently have an 8-3 record just like the Packers.

If good teams don’t lose two games in a row, the Packers have their work cut out for them as the regular season winds down.

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