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House with ‘open concept’ bathroom raises eyebrows

How would you feel about an open plan bathroom? Images: Getty, Twitter (the bat man)

What do you call a bathroom with no doors or walls? Awkward, baffling and bold all come to mind. 

But according to a Philadelphia rental listing, the word is “open concept”. 

A Philadelphia rental listing has gone viral on Twitter after user ‘the bat man’ shared pictures of the unusual bathroom. 

“Philly is WILD this bathroom has NO DOORS and they’re calling it 'open concept',” the user wrote. 

According to the listing, the master suite in a three bedroom home is located in West Philadelphia (“GREAT LOCATION”).

It also features a walk-in wardrobe, and was on the rental market for US$1,200 a month (AU$1,755) a month. 

The potential tenant would also share the living room, kitchen and dining area with other tenants, owner Kamara Abdur-Rahim told Business Insider. 

“The bathroom is just one part of the space,” Abdur-Rahim said. 

“I chose the open-concept format because I personally like it. The format makes it feel like one inclusive area, and that it’s shared, not all separate. It gives the space a different look, and I like it a lot.”

Abdur-Rahim also noted that the shower will have a frosted-glass door added to stop the entire bathroom area from flooding. 

But Twitter was left bemused by the listing. 

One user on social media said the unusual bathroom was actually a tax measure: “Happens in cramped cities a lot. No matter how shiny and new. No walls = no bathroom (thus property tax adjustment).”

Another user said it reminded them of playing the Sims. 

“This is a Sims build when you spend it all on design but run out of budget for walls,” they said. 

“Simply put: it’s gross,” one user summed up.

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