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One mom on TikTok is normalizing periods by talking about it with her 6-year-old

In The Know
·3-min read

This mom is normalizing body talk by teaching her 6-year-old about menstruation.

Shug CM (who also goes by @lackofimpulsecontrol on TikTok) is a mom of three who wants to discuss bodily behavior and functions with her kids in a gender-neutral and nonjudgmental way. Doing so lets her little ones know what to expect as they get older and helps her older one understand what’s going on in real time.

One of Shug’s most popular videos — which has more than 4.3 million views — shows how she talks to her 6-year-old about menstruation in a casual and age-appropriate fashion. 

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“What happens every month in a uterus?” Shug asks in the video.

Her 6-year-old replies, “It says, ‘Oh! I’m going to have a baby! I’m gonna decorate!’”

“And how does it decorate?” asks Shug. 

“It decorates itself and puts some tissues on,” says the young pupil. 

“Tissues on the walls,” Shug confirms. “Are they nutrient-rich? Are they the perfect spot for a baby to grow?” asks the mama-turned-mentor. 

“Yeah,” says her child. 

“And then what happens?” inquires Shug.

“And then when it finds out that we’re not [pregnant], it’s like, ‘Ugh. Fine,’” responds the 6-year-old with some amazing voice-acting skills.

Shug reiterates, “Finds out we’re not putting a baby in it and says, ‘FINE.’ And what does it do?”

“It rips it all down,” responds the eager student. 

“And it comes out as …,” leads Shug.

“Blood,” answers the 6-year-old. 

Then Shug finishes the video with a bonus question. 

“What happens if a baby goes in there? It …”

“Grows,” says the child without hesitation. 

According to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, spreading out conversations about menstruation is the way to go. Continuous education about the human body helps prevent kids from feeling overwhelmed by puberty when it happens. So Shug is on the right track!

Viewers flooded the comment section with praise for Shug’s explanation of menstruation. 

“This has to be the BEST explanation of how a period works,” one wrote. 

“That’s such an age appropriate way to explain it! I love it,” wrote another. 

Shug also noted in her caption that menstruation should not be gendered. 

“Normalize body functions with your kids. It’s important. Also: uteruses menstruate, not genders.” 

People liked the video so much that they asked Shug to explain more topics.

“I like this. Do you explain how a baby gets in there though? Asking for my own reference for my kids,” one commenter asked, to which Shug replied, “Yup! We’ll make a video on that, too,” to the relief of probably more than a few parents.

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