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One Bears wide receiver believes QB Mitch Trubisky is 'going to be our starter'

It’s merely one man’s opinion, and he’s new to the team, but Chicago Bears wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. went on NFL Network on Wednesday to say that he thinks QB Mitch Trubisky will end up as the team’s starter.

Trubisky took a step back last season as the Bears fell from hosting a playoff game in 2018 to going 8-8 in 2019. The Bears declined to pick up Trubisky’s fifth-year option and traded for Nick Foles — along with his contract that has three years left on it.

That has led many to speculate that Trubisky might be beaten out by Foles whenever teams are allowed to report back to their facilities. But Ginn, who signed with the team this offseason, isn’t seeming to buy into that line of thinking now.

Is that significant? Well, maybe.

Despite the team merely conducting online meetings to this point and Ginn not having caught passes from either QB, it’s entirely possible that he’s sensed from coaches or teammates that Trubisky is going to get every chance to keep the job.

So from that perspective, it’s notable. Of course, none of that really matters until the team gets on the field and actually wages a competition between the two. Still, it’s interesting to hear Ginn issue his support for the incumbent, especially after Trubisky appeared last week to sense the urgency of his situation in Chicago.

Foles has started only 12 regular-season games over the past three seasons to Trubisky’s 41, but Foles also has led his Eagles teams to a 4-1 postseason mark (and a Super Bowl win) since 2017 while Trubisky’s Bears were 0-1 in the playoffs. And that one loss came at home to Foles and the Eagles.

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