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Olympic athletes react to 2020 Olympics being postponed: 'These dreams are not canceled, they are just on hold'

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2021. The International Olympic Committee made that decision Tuesday, saying the event would be postponed until “no later than summer 2021.” It’s the first time in the history of the Olympics that the event has been postponed.

While you might expect some of the 2020 Olympics hopefuls to be upset about the postponement, that hasn’t generally been the case. A number of athletes shared their thoughts on the news, offering up humor or words of encouragement as the world grapples with the threat of coronavirus.

Cyclist Kate Courtney had one of the most inspirational posts. She told athletes their “dreams are not canceled, they are just on hold.”

A number of Olympic athletes had posts in a similar vein.

A number of athletes agreed with the IOC’s decision, saying that while they were disappointed, there are bigger issues to address right now.

Others decided to add humor to the situation. Bobsledder Lolo Jones had perhaps the best reaction to the games being postponed, saying she was going to have to put off retirement for one more year so she could take part in the Olympics in 2021.

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