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NRMA queries Sydney petrol prices


The NRMA is calling for an investigation into why Sydney petrol prices have gone up just before Christmas when trends indicate they should be going down.

The motoring body on Friday called on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to probe the price hikes.

It says the hikes have come at a time when international price movements and recent price cycles should have resulted in prices going down.

NRMA motoring and services president Wendy Machin said if the oil companies introduce irregular price cycles in Australia they should explain to the public why prices have suddenly gone up before Christmas.

"The NRMA believes that recent price cycles should have resulted in average unleaded prices falling to around 132 cents per litre, however, prices were 143.7 cents at close of business yesterday," Ms Machin said on Friday.

She said it was not the time for oil companies to put prices up when families were getting ready for a well-earned Christmas break.

"It's been a tough year for motorists with cost of living pressures hurting many families and they deserve a break from unwarranted price increases before Christmas."

Ms Machin said the NRMA was concerned that, if left unchecked, prices could continue to rise.