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Netflix tipped to partner with Foxtel

Netflix logo. Image: Getty

Foxtel is losing subscribers, but according to reports, Netflix is shaping up to be an unlikely source of help.

The News Corp and Telstra-owned television platform, Foxtel lost around 100,000 from its traditional pay TV platform in the first three months of 2019, and had to reduce some sports programs after coming in at a $417 million loss last year.

The finale of major hit series Game of Thrones also sparked a mass exodus of subscribers.

Now, Foxtel could be set to partner with Netflix, allowing Foxtel subscribers to access Netflix content.

Rumours have abounded since images of what appears to be a new Foxtel iQ4 remote control appeared on the internet, reports.

The remote appears to have a dedicated Netflix button, and with Foxtel chief executive Patrick Delaney set to make a major announcement in Sydney this Wednesday 24 July, fans expect to have confirmation of the deal by the end of the week.

In addition to partnering with Netflix, Foxtel is expected to add voice controls and update the software on its set-top boxes.

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