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How moving to Australia could give you an instant pay rise

Beauticians, receptionists, bakers and chefs living in the UK would all see a pay hike if they moved Down Under. (Source: Getty)

It pays to work in Australia – if you’re in certain jobs.

Any beauticians, receptionists, bar staff, bakers and chefs working in the UK should look across the world towards Australia where they would be paid better – for doing the same job.

According to research from 1st Move International, beauticians stand to gain a 177.74 per cent pay rise, a difference of AU$36,897.54.

UK-based receptionists would also see a fatter paypacket by moving to Australia, with AU$17,444 more a year – a rise of 139.07 per cent.

Bar staff, bakers and chefs would also see their pay nearly double if they did the same job here.

(Source: 1st Move International)

What if I’m not a beautician or receptionist?

Some countries are better for some gigs than others – you just need to know where to look.

For instance, pilots wanting a pay bump should look to China, where they would see an eye-watering 327.64 per cent pay increase (compared to the average UK salary).

(Source: 1st Move International)

Programmers and software developers as well as civil engineers should head to the USA for more money doing the same job, while Switzerland is where you want to work if you’re a sales manager, architect, an HR manager, chef, or business or finance professional.

But if you’re a British quantity surveyor, book a one-way ticket to New Zealand: UK professionals would see their pay increase by an unbelievable 1,187.42 per cent, a difference of $454,070 – nearly half a million dollars.

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