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Most outrageous road fines of 2019

These are the most popular road penalty stories for 2019. (Images: Getty)

Driving fines, as annoying as they are, exist to deter motorists from adversely affecting others or even themselves.

But some rules have Yahoo Finance readers scratching their heads as to why the government would bother catching out citizens for such an offence.

These were the eight most popular stories in 2019 that featured obscure road fines:

1. $114 fine awaits drivers doing this with their car keys

A $114 ticket could ruin the day of a NSW driver who does this very common act with their car key. Similar penalties also apply in other states.

2. A $572 fine awaits car passengers that do this

Sometimes you don't even have to be driving to get in trouble with the law. Check out this very expensive ($572) example of such a situation

3. $114 fine awaits drivers who leave their car like this

Police are waiting to dish out this $114 fine for something that many drivers do all the time. Don't get caught out.

4. Wearing this while driving could get you fined hundreds of dollars

It's now widely known now how illegal it is to use a smartphone while driving, but this other gadget will also land you in trouble. In Victoria, you will be handed a stinging $484 fine for the offence.

5. 'Bloody ridiculous' tap and go rule could see Aussies fined $484

The same whopping penalty will apply in Victoria if you perform this common act through a drive-through restaurant.

6. What's PCA, and why can I be fined $572 for it?

Do you know what PCA means? Well, you better learn because it could cost you $572.

7. Little-known $344 driving fine stuns Aussies

You do this with your family and friends all the time, but if the cops are watching you might get pinned for a $344 ticket.

8. This driver’s licence mistake could cost you a $202 fine

This offence technically has nothing to do with your driving, but it can still attract a $202 fine. And anyone with a driver's licence is vulnerable at some stage of their lives.

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