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Money-saving Google trick to 'immediately find cheapest grocery price'

"Many of us would never have thought of buying groceries from Amazon or Catch."

Money-conscious shoppers battling the cost-of-living crisis are being urged to take advantage of a simple Google trick that allows you to “immediately find the cheapest grocery price” across the big supermarkets and sometimes overlooked competitors.

Money-saving guru Joel Gibson ran an experiment when his toothpaste was nearing the end of the tube, and it highlighted a trick that you can use too. Most people would run down to Coles or Woolworths to grab a fresh one with the weekly shop, but there’s another option.

"Many of us would never have thought of buying groceries from Amazon or Catch but the cost-of-living crisis is making us more strategic,” Gibson told Yahoo Finance. "If you can get cleaning products or toiletries in bulk at a discount without leaving home, why wouldn't you? These are often the products that are overpriced in the major supermarkets.”

Money-saving guru Joel Gibson on the left holding a tube of toothpaste he found cheaper online with an inset of the Google Shopping interface with where to press to find cheap groceries circled in red.
Money-saving guru Joel Gibson reveals a simple Google trick that can help you save on groceries. (Source: Joel Gibson)

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To do this, Gibson plugged the product into Google Shopping, which not only shows the discounts currently running at the big supermarkets - which are about to face a Senate inquiry into alleged price gouging - but also big and small online retailers, like Amazon.


Woolworths had 40 per cent off, but Amazon price match so Gibson was able to order with free delivery at the discounted cost.

"We've never had more power as consumers than we do right now to immediately find the cheapest price thanks to these new digital price-comparison tools, so why not use them,” Gibson said.

But a follower reminded Gibson not to just take the first few options that pop up on a generic search because they are pushed to the front by paid sponsorships, so they might not always represent the best deal.

Once searching within Google Shopping, you can select a product and it will offer to compare the prices. Pressing this brings you to a table that lets you choose the best price.

Gibson also recommended downloading the CommBank-backed, AI-powered, bargain-finding technology Little Birdy, which “will tell you again if there's a cheaper price somewhere online”.

“[It’s] fantastic … for buying Christmas gifts online,” he said.

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